Tuesday, 28 March 2017

By Next Monday

By Next Monday
I will be taller
I will know 1 more thing in maths
My hair will grow longer 
I will be 1 week older 
I will be smarter 
My room will be tidier


Tena koutou
Ko Matutum te maunga 
Ko Rio Grade de Mindanao te awa
Ko Waimairi te kura
Ko Ngāti Filipina te iwi
Ko Noli taku papa
Ko Claire taku mama
Nō Mindanao ahau
Tena koutou, tena koutou, 
tena koutou, katoa

Monday, 27 March 2017

My Poem About Pink

My Poem About Pink
I am flamingos, flowers, furry dresses, pigs, sparkly sapphires. I am the colour of a little girl’s bedroom. I am the sweet puffy candy floss that melts in your mouth, I am strawberry ice cream that turns into goop, I am mint chewy bubble gum. I feel soft and fluffy. My smell is like the powerful smell of roses. I give warm hugs. I fill your heart with laughter. The world can't be the same without me.

Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Acrostic Poem

Maths is my favourite subject 
Afraid of spiders 
Rabbit lover
Good at drawing 
Animal expert
Earrings made of diamonds
Tree climbing
Time for art
Emma as my friend 

Rodents are my favourite type of animals
Family is important to me
Eggs are yum

Thursday, 1 December 2016

Bean Report

Bean Report 

Have you ever grown a bean before or any type of plant? A few weeks ago Fiona(our teacher) gave us a bean, she said “You will need to set up growing conditions for it to make observations on what happens as it grows”. I was filled with excitement because I wanted to know what would happen. I started wondering
“ What type of bean is it?”. “ How much care does it need to grow?”,“How long does it take to grow?”. I also felt scared because it was a big responsibility, maybe my bean wouldn't grow.

I hypothesise that my bean seed will show its root or shoot in one week.

Fiona gave me a ziplock bag.
She gave us a tissue.
She said to wet the tissue with water.
Put the wet tissue in the bag.
She gave us a bean.
I put my bean in the bag.
I observed our bean. We have to observe our bean from time to time in our book and it take daily photos.

On the 9/8/16 I did my first observation of my bean was 1.4cm in length and 7mm in width. The colour was creamy white it was smooth to touch. The shape was like a jelly bean.
There was no leaf yet.
My inference is that it needs sunlight to grow.

On 18/8/16 I did my second observation of my bean was 1.8 cm in length and 1 cm in width. My bean has gotten longer and wider. It was still creamy white in colour and still very smooth. It was still like a jelly bean. The seed had no leaf.
My inference is that the shoot is going to come out soon.
My evidence is that there is a crack on the side of my bean.

On 29/8/16 I did my third observation of my beans length was 2.2cm and its width was 1.2cm. I noticed that my bean has gotten longer and wider. My bean is turning light green. The shape is like a purse.
It has no leaf. As the days go by I started seeing black dots on the tissue.
My inference is that the leaf is going to come out soon.
My evidence is that the root and shoot has already come out.

On 7/9/16 I did my fourth observation of my bean was 7 cm in length and 2.6cm in width. The leaves are lime green and the root was light brown. The shape from the roots to the leaves is like the letter C. My bean has 2 heart shaped leaves, stem and roots.
My inference is that the beans in the petri dish grows faster.
My evidence is there were 15 people in our class has petri dish and 12 plants grew and 24 people in our class has a bag and on 9 plants grew.
I think the petri dish gets more carbon dioxide. 

On the 10/9/16 I measured the last time, my bean in length was 9cm and in width it was 3cm. The leaves are dark green and the root was light brown.
The leaves shape was like a heart shaped. It has 2 leaves, root and stem.
My inference is that it's ready to be planted.
My evidence is that it has a root, a shoot, a stem and 2 leaves. It looks like a young adult.

In conclusion, I learnt how a bean germinates and I learnt what germination mean. I also learnt that plants don't need soil to grow. The tissue  just acted like soil. 

Thursday, 24 November 2016

Bean Conlusion

Bean Conclusion
Based on our results, I can conclude that our hypothesis 
which was, in three weeks will the bean will show its roots and shoot was incorrect.

I think that they didn't show its roots or shoot in three weeks because it doesn't have a lid and when we watered it the sun dried up the water. It said in the packet my bean came from it would take 7-10 days to germinate. 


My Biking Experience 

Biking makes me feel free, happy. My heart bursts with joy. At camp we went mountain biking. It was my first time mountain biking. I was filled with excitement. As we started pedaling, the dried leaves crunched as our wheels rolled over them. I followed my group through the calm forest, the soft breeze  brushed my face and the air smelled like wild flowers. I felt like I was a bird soaring from tree to tree. The trees blocked the sunlight, but the sunlight tried to squeeze between the gaps to provide more light. When we arrived back to camp I was huffing and puffing but there was a big smile stuck inside of me.